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Misfit Testimonials


In the Summer of 2022, we asked Misfits to share about their experience at the Misfit Artist Company. The word cloud above summarizes those testimonies. The Misfit Artist Company strives to be a supportive, inclusive, family-like, community. 

What People Are Saying...

"The Misfit Artist Company gives kids the opportunity to grow in a supportive and creative environment of theatre and music. Members become part of an inclusive family that support and respect each other and themselves. They learn all positive aspects of working as a team to accomplish goals. Misfit kids of all ages blossom into confident, respectful, empathetic and talented individuals able to meet challenges as young adults while knowing they always have support from their Misfit family."

- Paula Rochefort, Misfit Grandmother

"Our boys have been very fortunate to work with Misfit Artists! They have grown so much in their confidence and abilities while meeting new friends."

- Amy & Steve Pekock, Misfit Parents

"What I most love about misfits artists is the community, and the sense that you can just be yourself there." 

- Joe Desmarais, Misfit Performer

"Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly! It’s like walking into a second home with a second family who shares the same interests as you. I also love how the older performers mentor the younger ones. I have learned so much from their mixed age shows. "

- Julia Borushik, Misfit Performer

"It's been such an amazing experience doing shows at the Misfit Artist Company. It's an honor to work with the staff, casts, and crew. This Theatre company prides itself on letting students be a part of the collaborative process, and it's been awesome! They believe in a person's individual talent and in all abilities ... and they accept & celebrate people for their differences & for who they are. With this group, I've never felt defined by my diagnosis, but instead like I could conquer the world! Thank you Misfit Artist Company for believing in me!"

David Politis, Misfit Performer

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